I’m not exactly sure about the origins of Storm Rolling Into Darkness. I do know that when I began writing this novel, Andie Burrows, the protagonist, grabbed a hold of me and insisted I tell her story, her way. I didn’t have much choice. She was impossible to ignore and in the two years it has taken us to complete this story, Andie’s unshakable spirit has held me captive.

Right from the beginning she challenged me to capture the longing of a child. She insisted that when innocence is taken away too soon, it charts a dispirited road to adulthood. Andie Burrows is an intelligent woman, a part-time university instructor and full-time cynic, who chooses to dismiss every day inanity by remaining distant and unengaged.

The truth is she’s falling, has been for a long time. That she drinks too much only complicates the few relationships she allows herself. I’ve been blunt in chronicling the choices she’s made; fidelities betrayed, repeated self-degradation and defiance in the face of a chaos spiralling out of control. She’s never let me forget about that little girl she abandoned a long time ago.

I have more to share about Andie, the people in her life, and her amazing journey as she attempts to love herself again. Please come back again.

Storm Rolling Into Darkness will be published by FriesenPress in spring, 2017.

Thank you.

Author: grahamdun

Graham Duncan is a writer with eclectic interests and passions. He lives on Vancouver Island.

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