The Love of A Child

Andie Burrows may be a cynical Gen Xer but even as weary as she is, she is not immune to Rom, the ten-year-old autistic son of Andie’s hangin-out friend, Seth McCallister.

Rom is in many ways a typical boy. He’s curious about almost everything, he asks questions whenever he sees something he doesn’t understand and like most boys his age he’s awkward around girls. Except Andie.

He loves Andie unconditionally.

Maybe it is his vulnerabilities always on display that attracts Andie. Maybe it’s because Rom is oblivious to pride, greed, cruelty, and the banality of life or maybe it is his gentle soul—all the same, Andie is unable to resist and unable to love him back.

“I don’t know how to embrace life—even as Rom embraces me with his perfect love.”

 Storm Rolling Into Darkness with be published by @FriesenPress this spring.

 If you would like to know more about autism spectrum disorder check out Autism Speaks at or at @autismspeaksCAN

Thank you.

Author: grahamdun

Graham Duncan is a writer with eclectic interests and passions. He lives on Vancouver Island.

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